Disciplinary Action

Failure to comply with any Membership Requirements or Codes of Conduct can and will result in disciplinary action. Punishment for infractions could mean as little as being warned against further infractions and as severe as being kicked from {RWI}. Being kicked is not likely for a first offence, but if you are disciplined several times or become a habitual problem, you can count on looking for another Community. Disciplinary actions by Administrators can be reviewed by the Council, if the member being disciplined feels the action was unwarranted. All decisions of the Council are final. Do not count on a review to overturn a verdict as the Administrators are all aware of the rules and guidelines. If an Administrator disciplines you for something, chances are you deserved it. The leadership is dedicated to enforcing the rules and regulations uniformly and will support each other on disciplinary issues.

~RWI Council

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